The easiest way to be able to talk about the business to a person is to ask her the question – do you enjoy your work?

If their answer is negative, it will be very easy to talk about your multilevel as a part-time opportunity that can open up other alternatives in a few years.

If their answer is positive, we can argue aspects of improving your quality of life and that of your family, such as a larger home, change of car, enjoy the dream
vacation that your current income does not allow you to enjoy, etc.

If we want to be able to talk about the business opportunity, we must first establish the existence of a need.

When our prospects have a satisfied and affluent life, it is difficult for them to
modify their situation to develop a successful multilevel and they are not the type of people we are looking for.

In these cases we must act with discretion and leave the door open, without
pressure, life has many avatars and what is not of our interest today, tomorrow
we can make it a priority, so leave your contact a way to know where to find you
when he / she decides to start.

You don’t buy anything that you don’t need and nobody gets involved in
businesses to which they have to dedicate part of their free time, if it is not going to represent a benefit that covers any of their needs.

And if the question is returned to you and it is you who is asked if you like your
job in the multilevel and what it consists of, this should be your answer: “My job
consists of teaching people who want it – how they can improve their income.”

As a suggestion, make the exchange of business cards a rule and for this you need to have yours, simple and of a standard size, so your information is available. In time, they can call you to get started as a member of your network.