Sponsoring someone within the team is taking responsibility and a commitment to help the new member until they demonstrate sufficient knowledge.

You must show your sponsored that you are willing to help him / her in all possible ways to be successful in the business. You must teach them everything you know and what is most important, you must teach them to teach.

Demonstrate professionalism in sponsorship by practicing it firmly and continuously. The great income of MLM comes from the continuous growth of
your organization, and it is you who must lead the example with your actions.

Keep in mind that your network grows like a tree of large trunks that are branching out, and it is convenient from time to time to strengthen each of these branches with professional sponsorships.

Even knowing the potential of MLM, at no time is it a business where you earn without working and if you came to this business with that idea, you will achieve zero or little success.

To get additional income to what your normal activity generates, you will have to dedicate a part of your free time to sponsoring and helping new members. Your goal should be to duplicate the way you work. When your sponsored imitate you
and sponsor others themselves teaching to teach, your effort will begin to be financially gratified.
If you are an ambitious person and want to build a very successful business, you should look for serious people with a winning mentality.

Many times we reject to sponsor people of middle or higher income, because they have already achieved
success in their daily activity, but they are usually the best candidates because they are quick to understand and appreciate the multiple benefits of MLM, those who develop individual professions are also good candidates, because they depend exclusively on the income they generate and they know the value of having their backs covered when they are sick or on vacation, since their activity
ceases to generate money over time.

Nobody misses the appeal of having a business that once started, is continuously generating income.